Since 2010, we have sold tens of thousands of shirts that have been seen by millions of people in four different countries around the world.

These shirts have directly and indirectly helped credit unions to generate millions of dollars in loans and new accounts. Working closely with credit unions, we found that many of the leads generated through CU*SWAG shirts and campaigns were driven to a digital channel.

And it is here that we found a recurring problem confronting credit unions in a humanized digital economy as many do not understand how to leverage and use these digital channels.

As consumers continue to evolve and use digital channels to shop, purchase and perform everyday banking transactions, credit unions must evolve the way they generate leads for loans and new accounts for continued future success.

As of June 1, 2014, I have decided to shut down CU*SWAG operations to put our full effort and energy behind CU Grow to build humanized digital marketing and lead generation systems for progressive credit unions.

I want to thank all of the credit unions who have given us the opportunity to turn their staff and members into walking and talking billboards and look forward to continuing to CU Grow in a humanized digital economy.

James Robert Lay
Founder of CU*SWAG